Fail to reach your Quran goals in 8 Simple Steps


Assalam Alaikum,

Let’s face it

Chances are, by this time next year you won’t have learnt Quranic Arabic, you won’t have memorised significantly more of the Quran… and if you can’t already, you probably won’t be great at reciting it either.

But, just to make sure you completely fail to achieve your personal Quran goals this year, here is some terrible advice, that absolutely guarantees your failure…

  • Don’t set any Quran goals – that way the whole journey will be filled with self-doubt, uncertainty and guilt
  • Skip Arabic classes – and buy yourself a nice watch instead. That way you can watch in style as the time slides by, and you get no closer to your objectives.
  • Don’t be strategic about your Quran Plan – there are over 13 different ways of studying the Quran. Don’t give it much thought – just do them randomly whenever it occurs to you.
  • Only study the Quran when you feel motivated after watching a YouTube lecture by someone famous.
  • Don’t even bother trying to create the Daily Quran Habit. You’ll only get your hopes up, then let yourself down.
  • Never find a real Quran teacher – instead, use people on the internet who you’ve never met and have no relationship with as your only source of guidance
  • Absolutely do not read ‘Inside the Soul of Islam’ – in case it inspires you and gives you life-changing insight that makes you fall deeply in love with the Quran
  • And above all, if you want to guarantee your failure in 2018, do not click here to attend the Quran For Busy People Masterclass.

There you have it. The worst tips ever, which if you follow, will quite certainly make sure you don’t achieve your Quran goals this year.


If you’re ready to stop listening to Shaytan and make a big shift in your relationship with the Quran & with Allah, the Almighty…

Get Inside the Soul of Islam, and access the Quran For Busy People Masterclass tonight.

Peace, Love & Blessings.


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