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Assalam Alaikum Lauren,

This past weekend I delivered a 2-day seminar called “Productive From Dawn” to a small group of high-paying clients.

I shared a key concept I found in a book by Cal Newport, that has sky-rocketed my own productivity over the last year. This is the key strategy that lead to me writing a best-selling book, while running a successful full-time coaching business.

Some attendees said this concept was the most powerful part of the seminar, and it got them really excited to get to work.

It’s called ‘Deep Work’.

The basic concept is that in this age of digital media, the rarest and most valuable form of work, is ‘Deep Work’: to give your undivided attention to focus on a cognitively demanding task for as long as possible.

Here are the key distinctions:

  • Deep Work is the most valuable form of work you do – everything else is basically a waste of time.
  • With the right intention, Deep Work is a form of worship & a manifestation of your purpose in life.
  • Shallow Work (like checking emails and messages) may be necessary, but get them handled as quickly as possible.
  • Even the slightest interruption in your Deep Work dramatically reduces your concentration.
  • Interruptions leave ‘attention residue’. (You’re left thinking about them when you try to continue your Deep Work)
  • Emails, instant messages, Whatsapp, Facebook, and other Social Media are either interruptions or ‘Shallow Work’.
  • Leave your phone on airplane mode until noon. Use the earliest part of your day to do your ‘Deep Work’ if you can.
  • Do not schedule in Deep Work Time. Schedule in shallow work & distraction time.
  • Deep Work is not a habit-change. It’s a skill that has to built with consistent practice.
  • Most people can’t do more than a couple of hours of real Deep Work. But, there are specific things you can do to increase your capacity for Deep Work.

Pretty awesome, right?

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Peace, Love & Blessings.




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