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Assalam Alaikum,

Just a quick one to let you know that if you haven’t read Inside the Soul of Islam yet, order it now & this weekend could become one of the most uplifting, soul-nourishing, life-changing weekends of your life, insha’Allah.

If you’ve already ordered it & it’s sitting on your shelf, do your soul a favour: read it.

If you’ve already read it, do me (and the Ummah) a favour: go on Amazon and give it a quick review. Seriously, by reviewing it, Amazon will put it in front of the eyes of many, many more people, most of whom will have no other way to access the true teachings of Islam.

Here are what some readers have said about the book so far :


A very engaging, inspiring, soul nourishing, and heart touching read.

I’ve just finished reading Inside the Soul of Islam. A very engaging, inspiring, soul nourishing, and heart touching read. I pray this book reaches the hands of every seeker of the truth. I also pray that Allah (God) accepts this piece of work, and it’s author Mamoon Yusaf, and all those who facilitated it in whatever way or form, and it’s readers, and that Allah (God) grants all of them a generous reward, and may the peace, love, and blessings of Allah (God) be with them always.

— Zain-ul-abedin Amir

Inspirational book

Wow…..totally blown away by the beauty and touching nature of the book. It gives amazing insights into Islam for someone following a different faith but also invaluable clarity and depth for a Muslim I believe. As the author puts it so beautifully, when you hear truth, you can feel it touching your heart and this is truly what happened to me. I thank you for it. It is a very special book which will hopefully help answer people’s questions in this most controversial time.

–Verified Amazon Customer

Definitely recommend reading this book.

I watched Quran coach a few times and really enjoyed it so I thought that I would try the book. I bought the Kindle version which was so much easier for me.

Alhamdullilah, this book is inspired and really motivated me to think differently about studying and particularly to actually count my blessings rather than focusing on the negatives in life which we all too often do. I would really recommend this book to anyone who both wanted to learn a little more Islam and people who are just starting out on a spiritual journey.

I do hope that the author writes more books in this easy read style as you can almost hear his voice!! As I’m a very visual person, I had drawn a vend diagram and write notes as I was reading but that’s just me and not a reflection of the book itself.

Of particular usefulness is the chapter on thankfulness and even the relevance to paying bills! If you do get the book, bare with it at the beginning read it all the way through. At the start, it discusses terrorism and the basics which can be easy to skip if you’re a Muslim but Really recommend that you don’t and just stick with it as the author puts a different perspective to these things.

— Sez


May Allah bless these souls for their kind words, and continue to bless all those who read this humble work by guiding us towards His Infinite Love, Compassion & Guidance.

There are many more reviews on Amazon you can check out, but we need around 100 at this stage for it to get in the hands of more curious, open souls who want to know the truth about Islam.

You can get your copy, or review it on Amazon and other online stores by scrolling to the bottom of this page: www.InsideTheSoulOfIslam.com

Peace, Love & Blessings.


P.S. By entering your Amazon order number into this page, you get some cool Quran For Busy People bonuses too: www.InsideTheSoulOfIslam.com

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