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Assalam Alaikum,

Is it wrong to want more money, clients & financial success? Is that being ‘too materialistic’?

At the surface, that seems to be the case. But when we dig deeper into spiritual tradition, we discover much more wisdom than turning away from wealth.

The Prophet, peace & blessings be upon him said:

“When love of the material world enters your heart, love of Allah leaves your heart.

When love of Allah enters your heart, love of the material world leaves your heart.”

From an Inside-Out point of view, because we know that feelings can only come from thought in the moment, it’s actually impossible for wealth, or money, or clients to cause feelings.

So, if you want inner-peace, security, or happiness, then desperately seeking more money & clients is not going to help. Believing in the illusion that these things can cause happiness detaches you from Allah and from Reality.

Plus, with this misunderstanding, even if you get a lot of material wealth, you’ll be just as stressed about losing it, as you were about trying to gain it.

But, when you know that inner-peace & happiness can only come from within – from thought in the moment – then you’re aligned with the truth.

Allah – the ultimate source of peace & happiness – is in your heart. You’re no longer needy or attached to money & clients.

Make sense?


Now, if you’re ready to have a lot more wealth in your hands, and not in your heart, then you’re going to love this:

Never Ending Stream Of Clients.

It’s a web-class about how to generate a consistent flow of clients & cash into your business.

It’s designed for coaches, but the system works for any service-based profession.

Enjoy the class. Use the system. Sign up clients.

Keep Allah in your heart. Keep wealth in your hands. Keep me in your prayers.

Peace, Love & Blessings.

P.S. Not interested in learning about how to get clients online?

Stay tuned & when Ramadan is over, I’ll send you some amazing resources to help you keep the Ramadan momentum going so you can achieve all of your Quran goals by next Ramadan, insha’Allah.

Meanwhile, forward this email to any aspiring coaches, consultants or therapists you know. They’ll thank you for it!

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Assalam Alaikum,

Here’s a little taste of what some of my clients have been saying about my “Never Ending Stream Of Clients” system:

“With Mamoon’s Strategies & Mindset Shifts, I Went From ZERO To 6-Figures In My Coaching Business, In Less Than A Year…!”
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“The Mindset Shift Happened Overnight  – After Working With Mamoon Over A Weekend I TRIPLED My Annual Sales And I Get To Work With My Ideal Clients…”
~Sarah Phipp

“My Business Has Sky-Rocketed! I’ve Created Longer Term Packages, I Charge Way More, I Have A Team Now And I’ve Created Space & Time For Myself… You Will Get Your Return On Investment – Guaranteed!”
~Marina Pearson

“Mamoon’s Deep Understanding of the Inside-Out Paradigm Plus His Amazing Coaching And Marketing Expertise Makes Such A Powerful Combination…!”
~Mary Strange

“The Results Were Great – I’m A Lot Better With My Clients, More Internally Quiet & More Impactful With Clients…”
~Ian Selby

“With Mamoon’s help, I was able to build my practice (online and offline) and I managed to create an email list to over 300 subscribers and get people in my group program, all in just a few weeks”
~Sandie Martel

“Mamoon Is An Inspiring Teacher, Understands The “How Do I Find Clients” Problem & Gives Simple, Straightforward  & Clear Systems You Can Follow – It Worked For Me & It’ll Work For You!”
~Nick Settle


Aww, shucks guys… If I wasn’t brown I’d totally be blushing.
To see what all the fuss is about, check out this free 30-minute web-class that lays out the system for you, step-by-step…

Never Ending Stream Of Clients.

Peace, Love & Blessings.


P.S. If you’re not a coach, or a business owner & you don’t want to know how to get clients… stay tuned – after Ramadan, I’m going show you how you can achieve all of your Quran goals in time for next Ramadan. For now, just keep reading the Quran & praying for me :O)

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Prophetic advice on wealth creation

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Assalam Alaikum,

The Prophet, peace & blessings upon him, said:

“Reliability enriches & treachery impoverishes.”
[Collection: Daylami]

It stands to reason. If people know they can depend on you to deliver the results you promise, they’ll come back again & again & recommend all their friends to you.

If people think you’re not dependable, you don’t believe in what you say, or that you’re basically lying, then of course they won’t trust you enough to pay for your services.

In fact, this simple, powerful statement of the Prophet, peace & blessings upon him, points to an age-old truth about marketing:

People will only buy from you if they know, like & trust you.

One very powerful way to get people to know, like & trust you is to demonstrate to them that you know what you’re talking about, by educating them for free first.

Then, figure out what they really need. Then, if your service solves their problem, offer it to them & they’ll happily pay you well for it.

Seems pretty simple, right?

If you want to turn this “spiritual theory” into real life practice, so you get a consistent flow of clients into your service-based business, then watch this free web-class where I show you exactly how to do it, step-by-step:

Never Ending Stream Of Clients.

Peace, Love & Blessings.

P.S. If you’re not a business owner & don’t have, want, or need clients, no worries – just forward this email onto someone who is. Insha’Allah, you’ll be rewarded for the benefit they bring to people’s lives through their work.

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