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Assalam Alaikum Lauren,

A year ago I came across an amazing resource for deepening our connection with the Quran.

It’s a tafsir (Quran exegesis), called:

“The Immense Ocean.”

Here’s why it’s awesome:

  • It gives the standard, well-known explanation of the context & implications of each verse and the literal meaning
  • It then gives a much lesser-known, linguistically brilliant ‘spiritual allusion’ that each verse of the Quran point towards
  • The Quran is the world’s greatest personal growth manual, and it can be read such that each verse is telling us a deep inner meaning about the nature of the self. This tafsir explains how, in detail.
  • It was written by Ibn Ajiba, on the insistence of his teacher, Shaykh al-Darqawi, who is well known across North Africa as one of the greatest scholars & spiritual masters of his time.

The problem is, only 1/60th of it has been translated into English.

So, my life-plan is to go to Fez, touch up on my Arabic, then see if I can’t immerse myself into this text, by Allah’s grace.

So, although it might be a little while before I can share insights from this Immense Ocean with you, it did inspire me to create this for you:

The Ocean: All Access Pass Early Notification List.

Basically, I’m putting together a membership program, where you pay a small monthly fee, in exchange for access to ALL of my personal development programs (there are currently over a dozen, and each one is priced at £497).

The first few people to join it will get some awesome bonuses too, so if you think you might be interested, join this list to be the first to know when it’s ready:

The Ocean: All Access Pass Early Notification List.

Peace, Love & Blessings.




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