7 affirmations instantly improve Quran reading


Assalam Alaikum,

To get maximum benefit for the time you spend with the Quran, your inner self needs to fully participate. To help you do this, read the following 7 affirmations before you begin reading. You can even write these out & use the paper as your Quran book-mark.

I did this for years myself & at one point actually got real bookmarks made, with these written on them & gave them out as gifts.

Insha’Allah, within a few days of doing this, you will remember these points automatically, and the book mark will serve as an excellent reminder to increase your awareness of Allah during your reading.

I got this idea from Ustadh Khurram Murad’s book, ‘Way to the Quran’. Simply say each phrase to yourself just before you start reading the Quran, and it will transform the whole experience, insha’Allah:

1. My Qur’an reading is true devotion, as my inner self participates fully.

2. I am in Allah’s presence; Allah is seeing me.

3. I am hearing from Allah.

4. Allah addresses me directly, through His Messenger, when I read the Quran.

5. Every word in this Quran is meant for me.

6. I am conversing with Allah when I read the Quran.

7. Allah will surely give me all the rewards He has promised me through His Messenger for reading and following the Qur’an.

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Peace, Love & Blessings.


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