The Religion Of Love In Times Of Terror


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I posted this a few months ago on Facebook, and yet in light of recent events, as our deepest sympathies, prayers & thoughts go to the latest victims of terror, it seems worth repeating.

Why We Should Call Them Anti-Islamic Terrorists… 
I posted this a few months ago, and yet in the shock of recent, tragic events, a lot of people seem to have already forgotten. People ask me how come I keep insisting on NOT calling these people ‘Islamic’? Am I just in denial? Surely, there are some verses of the Quran or something in Islam that justifies their actions?
Actually, no.
They’re not mis-interpreting the Quran. They’re wilfully disobeying it.
Here are a few teachings that every Muslim KNOWS, every terrorist IGNORES & every Westerner is UNAWARE of…
(Read this carefully because, unfortunately, you’ll never see this on the news…)
What The Quran Actually Says…
First & foremost, the murder of any innocent life is (obviously!) forbidden. In the story of Cane & Abel, the Quran says…
“Whoever kills an innocent soul it is as if they killed all of humanity; whoever saves one, it is as if they saved all of humanity”
Religious pluralism is built into the text of the Quran. It says, for example…
“Say: Dear disbelievers… to you your religion and to me, mine”;
“There is no compulsion in religion”;
“Do not insult those they worship besides Allah, or else they will insult Allah in retaliation and without knowledge.”
“As for the Christians, the Jews, the Magians and all those who believe in God & the Last Day, there is no fear on them, nor shall they grieve”
And when others don’t share your pluralistic attitude, the Quran tells the believers…
“And the servants of the Most Loving are those who walk on the earth in humility, and when the ignorant address them, they say, “Peace!”
“When the ignorant insult you, say “Peace”, and turn away in a beautiful manner”
What The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said…
Then, of course there are countless sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessings upon him), that directly contradict everything these people stand for…
“Wish for your neighbour what you wish for yourself”
“Wish for your brother what you wish for yourself”
“The Muslim is the one from whom other Muslims are safe, from both their hands and their tongue”
“Love those on Earth & those in Heaven will love you”
“The best of you are those who bring the most benefit to others”
“Be gentle, for whenever gentleness is a part of something, it becomes more beautiful”
“The best of you are those who are best to their wives”
“Whoever hits a woman is cruel; whoever is kind to a woman is noble”
“It is compulsory for all Muslim men & women to seek knowledge”
“Whoever takes the path of knowledge, Allah eases their path to Paradise”
“Allah does not look at your image or your appearance, but rather into your hearts and at your actions”
“One who sleeps while their neighbour is hungry is not one of us.”
“Assist any person who is oppressed, whether he is a Muslim or not.”
“Good neighbourliness and good character are the basis of civility and enhance civilization.”
“I swear by Allah he does not believe! (repeated 3x). The one whose neighbour is not safe from his mischief.”
“Jibril (Archangel Gabriel) used to continue to advise me to good to my neighbour until I thought he would have me make him my heir”. 
These are just a few off the top of my head. Islam is a religion of Peace, Love, Mercy, Justice, Compassion & Wisdom. In fact, there is no Islam without these essential values. The word “Islam” itself describes the sublime state of spiritual peace that comes with accepting what ‘is’ (the will of Allah).
What The Prophet Muhammad Did… 
The Prophet Muhammad was not famous for his words as much as for his actions & his character – peace & blessings be upon him. There are too many stories from his life to recount here, but I highly recommend reading his life story. I recently came across an excellent little book called “The Messenger”, by Tariq Ramadan. You might also enjoy “The Messenger” by Christian scholar Karen Armstrong. 
You can’t read about the Prophet’s life without loving him.
Ever wonder why 1.5 Billion people believe in this religion…? Because it’s awesome. It always has been & always will be.
So, no, I’m not in denial when I say terrorists are Anti-Muslim and Anti-Islam.
The rest of the world is in denial when they claim that terrorists are ‘Islamic’.
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Peace, Love & Blessings.
Mamoon Yusaf
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