4 Best-Selling authors were taught by THIS woman


Assalam Alaikum,

My colleague & mentor, Valda Monro & her husband Keith Blevens are the founders of the Inside-Out Paradigm you’ve heard me rave about.

They’re coming to do events in London & I’m hosting one just for you:

The Inside-Out Paradigm Immersion.

To give you an idea about what a power-house couple they are (masha’Allah), 4 of their students are internationally renowned best-selling authors and coaches.

If you read these books carefully, you’ll probably notice Keith’s name is mentioned:

These books mention Keith, basically because the understanding that made these works possible came from him. And if you ask him, he’ll tell you the best ideas really came from Valda.

The books I’m talking about are:
• Clarity – Jamie Smart
• Instant Motivation – Chantel Burns
• The Inside-Out Revolution – Michael Neill
• Stillpower – Garret Kramer

If you want to spend 3 days with my mentors Keith & Valda, I’ve set up this event for you to benefit from them directly yourself:

The Inside-Out Paradigm Immersion.

Peace, Love & Blessings.


P.S. Interestingly, Keith & Valda are authoring a book, and they are deliberately taking their time over writing & eventually publishing it. This is for good reason.

I genuinely believe when it is finally released, it will do more for the field of psychology than the works of Freud, Jung, Victor Frankl or William James. Insha’Allah.

In the meanwhile, learn from them while you have the chance at: The Inside-Out Paradigm Immersion.

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