16 Business-Building Gifts To Kickstart Your New Year


Assalam Alaikum,

I’m getting together with other people in the coaching/ online entrepreneur space to do something pretty incredible for you – especially if you run a business online or want to start one.

(If that’s not you, then forward this on to someone who is in business online – they will seriously thank you for it.)

You might have noticed that I have quite a few programs priced at around £297 – £497. They tend to deal with different areas of life like Relationships, Productivity, Spirituality & Business.

Well, for four days in early January, you can grab as many $497+ PRODUCTS as you like, and keep them for life. One Business Growth training from me, and one from each of my friends – all designed to help you grow an online business.

It’s kind of crazy that we’re all gifting you our best programs for free, which is probably why we’re calling it:

The Insane Product Giveaway

Each product sells for $497 or more (no kidding!), so you can basically go on a shopping spree without paying a penny (or even entering a credit card number).

The Insane Product Giveaway

The theme of this giveaway is the “Get Results” Insane Product Giveaway and each product you download is designed to get you fast RESULTS in your business!

The only reason I decide to take part in this is because I seriously value each of the programs that my colleagues are offering, and it’s incredible that they’re giving them to you totally for free. They include:

* Rob Goyette’s “BIG Revenue VIP Weekends” ($497 Value)
* Minesh Baxi’s “Get Your First 10 Coaching Clients” ($997 Value)
* Tamara Monosoff’s “Self-Publishing Success Secrets” ($497 Value)
* Susan Epstein’s “Group Coaching Programs That Sell” ($497 Value)
* Mamoon Yusaf’s “Attract Clients From The Inside-Out” ($997 Value)

* And Many More!

The Insane Product Giveaway

We are giving you some of our best products to appreciate you for being on our lists and to introduce you to some other amazing business and thought leaders.

Sign up now and get ready to make 2017 Your Best Year In Business, Ever, insha’Allah.

The Insane Product Giveaway

Peace, Love & Blessings.

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